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Anna’s gunning for glory!

on Monday, 20 April 2015. Posted in Latest News

If you’re on Facebook, check out Anna Glennon’s profile – she’s a Burn Industries ambassador who’s doing big things on the water and bigger things when it comes to getting our sport of jet skiing noticed! Anna’s a rockstar on her ski and her attitude towards our industry is earning her fans around the world! On top of that, Anna will be hitting the waters in the latest Burn Industries gear and we’re looking forward to working with Anna as she turns heads with her talent and kick-ass personality! Rock on, Core soldier!

Hot, hot, hot Burn kit!

on Monday, 20 April 2015. Posted in Latest News

Wanna get your hands on the hottest watersports gear in the industry? Look no further than our brand-new partner store Hot Products! They’ll be stocking every Burn Industries watersports product as well as our lifestyle gear so that you can burn up the water and the streets in the flyest gear around. Get your orders in today – check out their website at

Jake Montandon injury update!

on Thursday, 08 January 2015. Posted in Latest News

Burn Industries rider Jake Montandon recently suffered a pretty serious injury while training on his jetski in Cape Town, South Africa.

Jake's already undergone one surgery to have screws and plates inserted into his left lower leg and while there is a long, tough road ahead to Jake getting back on his ski, Burn Industries works with Jake because he is one of the toughest and gnarliest pilots in the sport. We know that he'll come back bigger, better and badder than ever before!

We can't wait to see you riding again, Jake!

Turning up the Summer heat...

on Friday, 03 October 2014. Posted in Latest News

Burn Industries is turning up the summer heat with inked-up belter Candice Bettison and her all-new Burn Industries Coded bikini. Get your babe in one now and join the Burn Core!

The gear to get in ’15!

on Friday, 01 August 2014. Posted in Latest News

Are you a watersports fan? Do you like stunting on your jetski? Are you a hottie who turns heads when you hit the beach? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, make sure that you’re rocking out in the hottest gear in 2015 – brought to you by the leader in watersports apparel: Burn Industries!

Wakeboarders are first up getting a new look this season! We’ve got the all-new lightweight cardigan-style Evo pullover vest that will redefine everything you know about PFDs. Got a toddler who’s not afraid to sprint into the water? Make sure that they’re wearing the purpose-built Tantrum minivest. It’s designed especially for the little people and comes in bright shades of purple, yellow and teal that will catch your eye no matter what mayhem they get up to.

Jetski pilots will be able to get their hands on the redesigned Magneto and Nitro vests. Burn Industries has updated the look and feel of both ranges, introducing new prints and clearways that are guaranteed to make an impact on the waters with the sickest splashes of green, yellow and red. Add to that the new seam layout and comfier construct for an all-round better fit.

And if you’re after something that wears as well as it looks, we’ve got great news for guys and gals! The 2015 board shorts come with industry-leading four-way stretch designs and constructs, while three all-new Burn Industries bikini designs are going to add a whole lot of sexiness to babes on the waves.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to get in contact with your nearest Burn Industries stockist and be first in line when the 2015 Burn Industries gear hits shelves near you!

Burn dominates the USA Pro Tour

on Friday, 01 August 2014. Posted in Latest News

If you haven’t read the latest Burn Industries news, what have you been doing? You’ll have missed out on the hottest watersport news and action! But here’s a quick summary for you: Burn Industries riders are killing it!

Dustin Motzouris has stormed to the front of the US Pro Watercross National Tour, winning three of the first four events. Who beat him in the other one? His brother Tyron, who’s also on the Burn Industries squad. Fellow Team Burn Industries rider Jared Moore has been grabbing podiums all over, while adding some sexiness to the waters is Burn Industries girl Shante Bukes – this babe knows how to make winning look smokin’ hot!

Shoutout to all our other Burn Industries riders and good luck for the rest of the season! Go say hi to the team at events and don’t forget to get your hands on the hottest gear on the waves, brought to you by Burn Industries!

Burn babes turn up the heat

on Friday, 01 August 2014. Posted in Latest News

There’s nothing sexier than a hottie who knows her way around the waves on her ski. And over at Burn Industries, we’re lucky enough to have some of the finest on our squad! Shante Bukes has taken the US National Tour by storm, charging headfirst into waves that most guys won’t touch. Plus, she’s not just a pretty face – she’s scoring podiums at every stop on the tour, whether it’s in the Women’s Runabout class or going hull-to-hull with the big boys in the Pro-Am Runabout group.

Newest team member Anna Glennon’s shaking things up over in the Amateur Ski Open class, giving the guys a serious run for their money – and she’s looking hot in the latest Burn Industries race gear!

Industrial revolution!

on Wednesday, 23 April 2014. Posted in Latest News

Prepare yourselves for a full-on assault, watersports fans! Kommander Industries is leading the troops as Burn Industries invades a store near you with the sickest PFDs and gear on the water! And be sure to check out events around the US, where you’ll see our portable headquarters – the Kommander Industries’ freshly painted big Rig! How fresh is that? Come in and say hi – and you might even spy some top-secret plans from Burn Industries and Kommander Industries!

Burn’s riding the waves with a new World Champ!

on Tuesday, 11 February 2014. Posted in Latest News

Huge congrats go out to the brand-new 2014 IFWA World Champion Jake Montandon! The Burn Industries rider was crowned recently after the Brazil stop of the tour was cancelled, leaving Jake with an unbeatable lead. Burn Industries is looking forward to the new season with Jake leading the pack!

Motz is King of the waters

on Tuesday, 11 February 2014. Posted in Latest News

Burn Industries rider Dustin Motzouris has moved up to the Pro Ski class and recently took home the win at the 2013 Kings Cup in Thailand. The ex-World Champ also relocated to the US recently, where he’ll be hoping to launch an attack on the World Tour later this year! Keep an eye open for Motz wearing the latest Burn Industries gear!

Winning in the land called Oz

on Tuesday, 11 February 2014. Posted in Latest News

We’re giving a mad shout-out to Burn Industries rider Mick Anthony – the Aussie took home the win at the IFWA Australia leg, showing the world just how fast they breed them Down Under. He pipped Burn Industries teammates Zack Bright and Jake Montandon for the victory. It’s going to be hard to repeat, but we’re predicting Mick might just take the win at the next round of the IFWA in France! Catch you there!

Slamming in the surf!

on Friday, 27 September 2013. Posted in Latest News

Massive props go out to our main man Jake Montandon. The Burn Industries rider recently took the top podium spot at the Blowsion SurfSlam event in Oregon. He was up against the world’s best free riders at the event and left everyone in his wake. It’s also the second stop on the IFWA Tour and Jake’s holding the number-one spot. Next stop Brazil’s going to be very interesting indeed. Don’t miss out on any of the action!

Rip ’n Ride, baby!

on Friday, 27 September 2013. Posted in Latest News

The Rip And Ride 6 event went down over the weekend of 21 September in the Land Down Under and the Burn Industries team had a special visitor – none other than Burn boy Zack Bright from the good ol’ US of A. The event saw some sick skills on show on the waters and Mitch Young was crowned champ, followed closely by Mick Anthony. Mad love to the Aussie Burn family for representing and always going big. We’re stoked to see all the brand-new tricks being thrown down at events!

Finally its world finals

on Friday, 27 September 2013. Posted in Latest News

Dear world of watersports: be warned! Burn Industries is sending the Motz Brothers your way! Dustin’s at the World Finals in HAVASU, prepping to defend his crown, while little brother Tyrone will be hanging it out in the same class. If you thought that the other competitors had a tough time beating the brothers last time, you ain’t seen nothing yet! They’ll be kitted out in the latest gear from Burn Industries and ready to rumble on the waves. Get ready, cos this fight’s going to get messy!

Action attraction!

on Tuesday, 18 June 2013. Posted in Latest News

Burn Industries is taking over the world. Don’t believe us? If you were at the IFWA Tour event in Montalivet over the weekend of 1-2 June, you’d have seen Burn Industries riders Jake Montandon, Zack Bright and Christian Young ruling the waves! Jake took second place on the podium and Zack followed him in third. Christian climbed up to an impressive fifth spot – we’re stoked by our riders, well done guys! And well done to all the other riders wearing Burn Industries gear – you’re wearing the hottest kit on the waters!