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on Thursday, 17 May 2012. Posted in Latest News

Watch out, France – Burn Industries is on its way to the top!

The Burn Industries friends over at El Professor in France have been very busy speeding around the waters of the French National Free-ride Series lately. Burn Industries France’s pro rider Aurélien Marchand is heading up the National Series and there’s just one stop-off left to go before the champion is crowned! Keep your eyes peeled, fans – Burn Industries is bringing the heat to France!

Get your limited-edition Motz signature vest!

on Thursday, 03 May 2012. Posted in Latest News

When you’re a multiple world champion like Dustin Motzouris, a lot of doors are opened for you. Champagne flows like waterfalls, you get access to the best race technologies, fans line up around the block for your autograph… but best of all has to be getting your own signature product series. Burn Industries is proud to announce that the Burn Industries Dustin Motz Nitro Lite signature series will be released in the near future. Worn by Dustin during competition, the new vest will feature all the ground-breaking Burn Industries design and construction technologies you’re used to… only better! There’s thicker foam on the lower panels, an all-new closure system, and custom-designed Motz graphics. Get your hands on these limited-edition vests today and ride those waves in a champion-approved Burn Industries Nitro Lite vest!

Bright gives the waves some colour!

on Thursday, 03 May 2012. Posted in Latest News

Burn Industries rider Zack Bright will be debuting his brand-new signature series Nitro vest at the end of May. While Zack’s Nitro vest closely resembles the 2013 range of Burn Industries Nitro vests, Zack will be wearing a limited-edition “mellow yellow” colourway that sets him apart from other riders. Be sure to catch Zack adding shades of yellow to the waters at the first round of the IFWA championship later this month.

Burning it up Down Under

on Wednesday, 25 April 2012. Posted in Latest News

Watch out, Australia – the Motz Brothers are in town! The Burn Industries jetskiing brothers from South Africa have travelled down to Australia this weekend for the start of the Australian National Jetski Series, with the first event taking place on 21 and 22 April on the waters of Marine Stadium in Spit Cove, on the Gold Coast. We hope you’re ready, because these two guys aren’t afraid to swap a little paint in order to get out front! Keep burning those waters, boys! Check our Facebook page for photos from the event soon.

Burn boys have the IFWA Tour in sight!

on Wednesday, 25 April 2012. Posted in Latest News

Jake Montandon and Zack Bright will be suiting up in their Burn Industries gear this May as they head off to Portugal for the first round of the IFWA Tour. The event will take place over the weekend of 25-27 May in Sintra, Portugal, and with some of the world’s best riders in town for the event, you can bet there’s going to be a whole lot of action on the waters! Best you get your Burn Industries gear on and head out for a fun weekend in the sun with the IFWA Tour and the Burn riders! Keep checking our Facebook page for more information on Burn Industries and its riders.

Burn marches on the world

on Tuesday, 03 April 2012. Posted in Latest News

Burn Industries’ plans for world domination are well on track. We’re proud to announce that Burn Industries’ innovative and exciting range of watersports products will soon be available in Kuwait and France. El Professor will be heading up the Burn Industries distribution in France, with K&S bringing our exciting range of products to Kuwait. For more information on becoming distributors, click on the Become A Dealer link on Keep burning up the waters, troops!

The future is Bright as Zack joins Burn Industries.

on Tuesday, 03 April 2012. Posted in Latest News

Burn Industries is stoked to announce the signing of Zack Bright. This talented athlete is a leader in the surf freeriding industry and is an innovator in the sport who’s best known for his inverted tricks and effortless style. He’s not ranked in the top five in the world for nothing, and you’ll be able to see him tearing up the waters this year. Keep an eye out for more exciting Team Burn Industries additions in the coming months!

Buy your limited edition Burn Industries vest today!

on Thursday, 22 March 2012. Posted in Latest News

Burn industries is stoked at how awesome our new 2012 limited edition ski vest has come out! Look closely and you’ll spot our coded graphics from the Burn Industries board shorts in the design. The limited edition Burn Industries ski vests will be in stores in a black and white colorway and are the most comfy vests you’ll ever put on, thanks to plush red inner panel and the all-new hidden webbing that keeps straps neatly tucked away. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on a limited edition Burn Industries ski vest now!

The Urban Assault Magneto is Burning up the shelves!

on Thursday, 22 March 2012. Posted in Latest News

With the US watersports season about to open, Burn Industries is proud to introduce our brand-new and much-anticipated Magneto vest. It will be available in a number of eye-popping colorways, but the best by far is the aggressive in-your-face Urban Assault that will tell your competition that you mean business on the waters! The Burn Industries Magneto vest features hidden webbing and a brand-new closure system that makes it one of the most comfortable and advanced vests on the waters, not to mention one of the best looking!

Nick Thompson lays it low at JetFighters for Burn Industries

on Thursday, 22 March 2012. Posted in Latest News

Ten-time South African Champion and 2006 IJSBA Run-About World Champion Nick Thompson got heads turning at the first stop of the 2012 JetFighters tour in South Africa recently. The pro rider finished off the Lites Class with a third spot after battling it out with fellow Burn Industries riders Steve van der Pol and Dustin Motz. Talk about a clean sweep for the Burn Boys!

Burn to the Core

on Tuesday, 14 February 2012. Posted in Latest News

Burn Industries is proud to announce the arrival of our all-new Core vest. The state-of-the-art Core features Burn Industries’ brand-new “hydra skin” technology, which prevents the absorption of water into the jacket’s construct. Once you’ve tried on the Core vest, you’ll never look at another wet life jacket in the same way. The Burn Industries Core vest colorway includes red/blk, grey/blk and yellow/blk. Check out the “Products” section on for more info about the Core vest and other Burn Industries watersport apparel.

Turning up the heat on South Africa’s waterways!

on Tuesday, 14 February 2012. Posted in Latest News

Burn Industries’ sister company out in South Africa sent us some sick photos of their completely BURNed-out Malibu WakeSetter! Our Burn Industries boys in that part of the world joined forces with the art department at Burn HQ to lay down the sickest-ever “ink” wrap for their brand-new 22MXZ, and it looks like they know how to rock the waters. Keeping coming back for new photos and videos from Burn Industries and our red-hot toys!

Skinned Alive!

on Tuesday, 14 February 2012. Posted in Latest News

Are you the laughing stock on the water with a shabby old wakeboard? It’s time to flip those haters off and get your hands on a brand-new Burn Industries wakeboard deck skin. They come is some of the sickest designs ever, are super-easy to apply, and they’ll turn even the most hammered of wakeboards into the hottest rides on the water! Check out the “Products” section on for more info about the deck skins and other Burn Industries watersport products.

Burn’s Montandon rocks at JetWave 2011

on Friday, 28 October 2011. Posted in Latest News

Burn Industries’ No. 1 free-ride gunner, Jake Montandon, headed off to Brazil recently for the final round of the IWFA, held over this past weekend. Jake rode in both the Pro and Amateur events and came away with the overall win in the Amateur class and a solid third place in the Pro division. Watch out for Jake and his Burn Industries apparel going all out on the water in 2012!

Burn Industries’ star turns up the style in South Africa

on Wednesday, 12 October 2011. Posted in Latest News

South African freestyle ski rider Justin Selby recently shredded up the waters of the fabled Lost City Valley of the Waves. The multiple-time South African champion told Burn Industries that he loved his time in the man-made waves after performing a series of tantrums in his run, saying that “the photos are so worth the bruises”. Stay posted for awesome photos of Justin in his Burn Industries <insert vest name> at the Valley of the Waves.