The gear to get in ’15!

on Friday, 01 August 2014. Posted in Latest News

The gear to get in ’15!

Are you a watersports fan? Do you like stunting on your jetski? Are you a hottie who turns heads when you hit the beach? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, make sure that you’re rocking out in the hottest gear in 2015 – brought to you by the leader in watersports apparel: Burn Industries!

Wakeboarders are first up getting a new look this season! We’ve got the all-new lightweight cardigan-style Evo pullover vest that will redefine everything you know about PFDs. Got a toddler who’s not afraid to sprint into the water? Make sure that they’re wearing the purpose-built Tantrum minivest. It’s designed especially for the little people and comes in bright shades of purple, yellow and teal that will catch your eye no matter what mayhem they get up to.

Jetski pilots will be able to get their hands on the redesigned Magneto and Nitro vests. Burn Industries has updated the look and feel of both ranges, introducing new prints and clearways that are guaranteed to make an impact on the waters with the sickest splashes of green, yellow and red. Add to that the new seam layout and comfier construct for an all-round better fit.

And if you’re after something that wears as well as it looks, we’ve got great news for guys and gals! The 2015 board shorts come with industry-leading four-way stretch designs and constructs, while three all-new Burn Industries bikini designs are going to add a whole lot of sexiness to babes on the waves.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to get in contact with your nearest Burn Industries stockist and be first in line when the 2015 Burn Industries gear hits shelves near you!

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