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Pushing boundaries since day 1..

Burning ahead while others follow:

Burn Industries established in 2009 took the Watersport world by storm and since day 1 has pushed the boundaries of the industry.

Safety First

As much as Burn Industries is a trend setter in the design department, safety has always come first and we at Burn design all products from a safety aspect first.

Top Products

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Teal Vest
Teal Bikini
Duffel Bag
Yellow Core


What some Core fans had to say!

My go to Bikini when it’s surf time, nothing better than my Core Creed in Pink.

Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson

No more wet seat after a day in the water, nothing better than my waterproof car seat covers.

George Flavius
George Flavius

When sticking out from the crowd is your middle name there is only 1 brand – Burn all the way.

Peter Oliver
Peter Oliver

Life Jackets


Wet Suits